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TRACO is an innovative company with as core business the building of high quality horse exercise mills. All mills are build with the latest technology, after long tests by our R&D department. New constructions and electronic controls are researched and developed in our own house. So we have the possibility to change the equipment at any time and at any location. Also modification or high quality changes are possible.
At the standard exercise mills you can enlarge the mills with a fench, hoofbeat roof or roof-in. All these elements can be placed on nearly any place or location. Even when you have nearly no place on all sides, the mill can be placed easily. All existing mills we can upgrade with a roof-in or fench, even when this mill is from another factory.
Advantage from
TRACO is that we are master off all disciplines. We erange the complete traject, from the first ground work, erange water and electra till explaining the new features of the new exercise mill. We support the total project. So one supplier and one person talk too. This is the way you can create short lines, quick meetings and fast carry out.
here for examples of complete projects by slideshow photos from the start till key ready

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