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Every Exercise mill has a fench, so the horse cannot go out of the exercise mill. TRACO can offer many diver types of fench systems. These fench systems can be mounted by new exercise mills or also by already existed mills. It's also possible to mounting a new fench system by exercise mills build by another factory.


The Fench system can be catalogue by inside fench and outside fench.


Inside fench:

binnenheining-bandThe most nice priced variant of a inside fench is the join rotated inside fench mounted on the mill made by synthetic tape.


vastebandheiningThe inside fench can also constructed by fixed fench made by synthetic tape which is mounted on galvanize pipes.


binnenheining-staal A inside fench made of stail pipes.


 trainingsmolen-en-dak-001An open construction made of hard wooden shelfs.


binnenheining-plank An closed construction made of hard wooden shelfs


kusstof-binnen An closed construction of synthetic shelfs.


DSC00781An construction of stail with mounted rubber mat.


 binnenheining-muurAn outside fench made of a wall of stone


Outside fench:

An outside fench can be made of synthetic tape

buiten-open-plankAn open construction of hard wooden shelfs

An closed construction made of synthetic shelfs

An closed construction made of synthetic shelfs

An open construction made of hard wooden shelfs and on top rubber

Each mill can be build included a wind catcher

An combination of all fench types in the upper text with a hoofbeat roof contruction on top





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