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In the entertainment world hasn't TRACO sit idle. Divers of equimpents already made for femous events. Unther here you will find some examples of equipments for femous events.


As example take this picture. This is a acrobatic subject provided with high bar, trampoline with catapult and rings for use during the Volkswagen show by the introduction of the VW Beatle, Bora and the Lupo. The show was located in Austria.
This object can be controled by a remote controle. On all the wheelse there are a seperatly controler, so you could navigate the subject to any direction during the show. We have built this object with a summary drawings by hand. Including all technical issues and lightning effects. Ofcourse we pay extra attention about the safety. This object is tested by
TUV and get a TUV certificate.




Tour de France

Do you recognize this picture? This picture is taken by the first bycicle time race of the Tour de France of 2000
TRACO did design the 8 "fingers" so that these separatly could be closed.


























Also for the "TOUR de FRANCE 2001" did TRACO some work. We built a new 1KM. arrivé (arch 1 Km. for finish).
By this big Arch it's possible that each foot is standing on different levels on a mountainside.
For this problem has
TRACO made the sollution. The 4 feets are changeable in high and can be set level.
Unther the 1 Km arrivé is hanging a flag with showing 1 Km.


Big dartboard

This object can be used also for Advertising and entertainment as well.
This dart board with velcro balls is in our opinion the biggest rotating DARTBOARD including 330 shinny lights.
This will give for yong and old people a very pleasent time.











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